Drunk Driving

Ireland has enacted laws that heavily punish those convicted of driving while under the influence of drink or drugs. Mandatory disqualification from driving for up to 4 years on a first offence indicates the seriousness of the State’s attitude to drink driving. If you have been accused of drink driving it is imperative that you take immediate action.  Contact us for advice, your first consultation is free.

With the help of O’Kelly Moylan’s highly acclaimed defence Solicitors you give yourself a better opportunity to obtain an acquittal or a reduced charge or penalties.

We take an aggressive approach to contesting drink driving cases.  We are widely recognised for our tireless defence of our clients.  We are committed to pursuing the best possible outcome for you the client. We are on your side.  O’Kelly Moylan have successfully defended many clients from drink driving charges.  We will fight to protect you and your right to drive.

Drink driving charges are complex, the legislation is stacked against the accused, the consequences of conviction are severe.  If you have been arrested for drink driving you need to get expert and experienced advice as soon as possible,

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