District Court Appearances

O’Kelly Moylan Solicitors are committed to providing the best possible criminal defence in the District Court.  In County Clare this court sits in Ennis, Kilrush and Killaloe and deals with the majority of criminal prosecutions brought before the Courts.

We focus on the rights of an accused person because of our strong belief in representing individuals who find themselves at the mercy of what can often be seen as an intimidating and complex prosecution.  Nowhere is this more evident than for those who unexpectedly find themselves accused of a crime, particularly one that they did not commit.  At O’Kelly Moylan we recognise that every person who finds themselves before the District Court is entitled to effective representation and defence at an affordable cost.  For those who cannot pay we are on the Legal Aid Panel and are happy to make appropriate applications for legal aid.  With vast Court experience, we are on your side, fighting for fair treatment and a proper hearing in the Courts.

If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offence, or indeed are currently under investigation by the Gardai, it is in your best interest to immediately speak to us. You can count on our experience to assist you to obtain the best possible result.  We can help you to establish your rights and highlight the evidence that is favourable to you.  No matter what charges you are facing, you are not alone.  Our criminal defence team led by Patrick Moylan provides exceptional representation and a high quality defence.

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Email us on: advice@okellymoylan.ie

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“We’re on your side”

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